Is Grace Really This Amazing? – 2 Timothy 2 ~ 3/7/2021

Is Grace really this amazing?

Is Grace really this amazing? For something to be amazing it must be beyond comprehension. It seems that we humans are bound by our human thoughts that someone would give us a gift so amazing and undeserved as salvation apart from ANY and ALL human works or effort. Really? This kind of Grace is the […]

The Power of Discipleship – 2 Timothy 2 ~ 3/14/2021

The Power of Discipleship

People get so confused on the gospel because the call of the gospel is that it is free, by grace alone, obtained by faith alone. The call to discipleship is a call to work! When you mix the two people are confused about where they are at for salvation. Have I done enough, am I […]

Endure Under Pressure! – 2 Timothy 2 ~ 3/21/2021

Endure Under Pressure

Endure under pressure! Paul knew what pressure was like as he lived his last days in a prison. Paul gives Timothy his encouragement because he knew things would be hard. Great advise for us. There are some great verses to REMEMBER who our hero’s are and what they endured. You may participate with us each […]

Stick to the Bible Not Opinion – 2 Timothy ~ 4/11/2021

Stick to the Bible Not Opinion

Paul calls “talk without a Biblical basis” empty chatter that leads to arguments and moves people away from being strong Christians. What you hear in church affects your life in a big way! Are you able to see for yourself what the Bible says at Church? Some of the best words you will hear at […]

Standing for the Truth – 2 Timothy 3 ~ 5/16/2021

Standing for the Truth

What is your source for truth? Friends, family, media? We have a message from God, the author of Truth, right here, right now and you have this message in your house, and on your phone. That is your Bible! But in our modern times this Book is being thrown aside and forsaken because it is […]

Getting Ready to Go! (to Heaven) – 2 Timothy 4 ~ 5/23/2021

Getting Ready to Go... to Heaven

Paul’s last words are extremely helpful for us to prepare for whatever is ahead here on Earth and in Heaven. Heaven is always spoken of as a free Gift in the Bible. Rewards are always spoken of available to those who work and obey! Don’t be confused about your salvation. Be sure you are saved […]

Paul’s Last Words – 2 Timothy 4 ~ 5/30/2021

Paul's Last Words

After living such a hectic life filled with triumphs, tragedies, enemies, and friends, what was Paul’s attitude like? Was he bitter, angry, sad? It makes a great lesson for how we handle all that life gives us so we can be ready to go in peace. This is our final lesson in Timothy. How shall […]