Money – Love it or Invest it for Eternity? ~ 4/24/2022

Money - love it or invest it for eternity?

Money – Love it or invest it for eternity? Like it or not, money has a huge impact on our lives. Philippians 4 is Paul’s concluding message to the church with thanksgiving and what he says we need to consider in our use of money. It is a life changing message! You may participate with […]

Making the Living Christ Real! ~ 3/20/2022

Making the living Christ real!

Making the living Christ real! If Jesus is really alive and lives in us how can we experience His work in our everyday lives? There are many emotional and mental problems we face. Paul tells us how they can be solved by what happens in our mind and Jesus wants to help it all turn […]

The Power of Unity in the Church ~ 3/13/2022

The power of unity in the Church

A well-known concept from Ecclesiastes says… “And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” (Ecc 4:12) Paul longed for unity in Philippi! He knew that the impact of the church would be greatly diminished if the quarreling he knew about did not stop. We will […]

If Heaven is My Final Home, What Do I Do Now? ~ 3/4/2022

If Heaven is my final home, what do I do now?

If Heaven is my final home, what do I do now? We are called strangers in a foreign land in the Bible. We have it pretty good here now. If things were to change we would long for Heaven! Long term thinking says I should put a priority on what is eternal…my final home for […]

How Can a Believer Experience the Power of God in His Life? ~ 2/20/2022

How can a believer experience the Power of God in his life?

How can a believer experience the power of God in his life? Many people are looking for an experience with God. Paul wanted to know the power of the resurrection. It may surprise us that it is not by emotional experience. Paul demonstrated by his life how this can be possible for any and every […]

What Makes a Clear Gospel Message? ~ 2/13/2022

What makes a clear gospel message?

What makes for a clear gospel Message? Paul goes back to deal with a constant thorny problem that plagued the early church and plagues our religious groups today. The main question is…Flesh verses Spirit, Human Effort verses the Spirit of God, Human works vs Faith alone that saves. He gets pretty clear and direct about […]

Who Cares? ~ 1/30/2022

Who cares?

Who Cares? Paul could find only one person, Timothy! What made him the kind of person that Paul could trust to lead the people at Philippi? There is one character quality that will make you a caring person. Let’s explore Philippians 2 with Pastor Eugene Enns. You may participate with us each week on our […]

Is Jesus God? ~ 1/23/2022

Is Jesus God?

Is Jesus God? It makes a difference! What do we believe and what does the Bible say? Paul uses the word “therefore” to say because of this lets do two things! What a dark world needs is described in doing these two things. We have the joy and privilege of doing them! Let the Light […]

What to do with Wounds from the Past ~ 1/16/2022

What to do with wounds from the past

What to do with wounds from the past? God has the only pill that can do something about those past wounds and it really works. Paul tells us how to use it in Philippians 2:1-6. This is a message that everyone needs to hear. Please join us for some pretty important ways that God makes […]

Life with a Purpose that Satisfies ~ 1/9/2022

Life with a purpose that satisfies

Millions of people wake up every morning and have no reason to live! No connection to God, no idea of why they exist here on earth. As a believer we have such a fantastic opportunity to live such a wonderful exciting life. Paul makes it pretty clear how… “For me to live is _______”! Let’s […]