Proverbs Pride vs Humility ~ 12/4/2022

This is the last message in Proverbs. Pride vs Humility, The Key to Wisdom! Please keep reading Proverbs at least one time a year. 31 chapters coincide with 31 days […]

You and God in Proverbs! ~ 11/20/2022

You and God in Proverbs

You and God in Proverbs! Is He Pleased? How do we go through life? Are we aware of God? Do we recognize if He is pleased or displeased with our […]

The Effect of Words ~ 9/25/2022

The effect of words

Do you remember the words that were said and the way you were treated in high school? For many people it was not pretty. Now God has some good news […]

The Power of Words! ~ 9/11/2022

The power of words

The power of words! There is a cost to everything, including words! Words may seem free and we can do whatever we want with them, but there is a great […]