Personal Evangelism ~ How You Can Tell It 6/9/2019

Join Pastor Eugene Enns as he shares about personal evangelism, and how you can tell it. He talks about sharing our stories, and some ways we can learn to do it. Also, stay tuned til the end for a real story from one of our members who wanted to share his struggles with us! Check […]

Grace Mission in Haiti and Mexico ~ What We Do 6/30/2019

Listen as Pastor Eugene Enns, Director of Grace Missions, shares about Grace Mission in Haiti and Mexico. He shares what they do in these countries with the people they are serving, as well as what happens at the office in Henderson, Nebraska! There are some interesting stories he tells about the people of Haiti and […]

Know Your Bible = Knowing Jesus 7/7/2019

Listen as Pastor Eugene Enns shares how to know your Bible and how to know Jesus. These two things are related, and he will show us why we need to read our Bibles. Check out some of our other series.

Grace Mission in Oaxaca, Mexico with David and Karina Lopez 7/21/2019

Join us as we listen to David Lopez give his presentation about serving God in Oaxaca City, Mexico. Pastor Eugene Enns works with David and his family through Grace Missions. Hear firsthand what they are doing in Mexico. Check out Grace Mission: Check out the series, Grace Mission.

He’s My Daddy, Not My Schoolmaster – Galatians 4 ~ 8/18/2019

This is part 3 in the Law vs Grace series. Listen as Pastor Eugene Enns shares about how God is our “Daddy”, not our schoolmaster. Check out the first in this series. Check out the entire series, Law vs Grace. Links: Listen to Me, Linda You Say (Lauren Daigle)

Right Living by Keeping Rules or the Spirit? Galatians 5 ~ 8/25/2019

This is the fourth in the Law vs Grace series. How do we achieve right living? Do we do this by keeping rules or by the Spirit? How do we fight the attacks? Learn how to live right by God in this sermon by Pastor Eugene Enns. Check out the first in this series. Check out […]

Stand Up for Grace and Be Humble – Galatians 6 ~ 9/8/2019

Pastor Eugene Enns teaches us how to stand up for grace and be humble. He reads through Galatians 6 as we discover how we can “be bold” and “wear our flag”. Join us for this very important lesson in the series, and how we can use this in real life. Check out the first in this […]