Preparation for 2021 ~ 1/3/2021

Preparation for 2021

Happy New Year 2021! Our topic this Sunday is prophecy, but with a different twist. What should Christians, those who have believed in Jesus as their Savior, be thinking about as we see prophecy coming to pass? Perhaps this year we will be faced with more and more difficult decisions as things change in the […]

Living Free From the Love of Money – 1 Timothy 6 ~ 2/7/2021

Living Free From the Love of Money

The power of money is huge in our lives. If it controls us we put ourselves at risk of some very bad outcomes. God has a better plan and His plan does not come with a bad ending. His plan gives us peace here and now and a large pile of wealth in Heaven for […]

Preparing for Forever – 1 Timothy 6 ~ 2/14/2021

Preparing for Forever

Life is extremely short compared to eternity. Our small minds cannot comprehend how long eternity is. But God does understand and wants the best for us in that amazing future…FOREVER! One decision where we spend eternity but many small and large decisions determine the quality of, and the rewards for all eternity which God says […]

Daryl’s Testimony: Everybody Has a Story ~ 2/28/2021

Daryl's Testimony: Everybody Has a Story

Everybody has a story. A story of how God has lead you along in life, sometimes when you did not even know it. Daryl will talk about how God has brought him to this point in his life from a farm kid in Nebraska, Vietnam, Mechanics, Sue, and knowing Jesus as his Savior. Perhaps you […]

The Power of Discipleship – 2 Timothy 2 ~ 3/14/2021

The Power of Discipleship

People get so confused on the gospel because the call of the gospel is that it is free, by grace alone, obtained by faith alone. The call to discipleship is a call to work! When you mix the two people are confused about where they are at for salvation. Have I done enough, am I […]

Endure Under Pressure! – 2 Timothy 2 ~ 3/21/2021

Endure Under Pressure

Endure under pressure! Paul knew what pressure was like as he lived his last days in a prison. Paul gives Timothy his encouragement because he knew things would be hard. Great advise for us. There are some great verses to REMEMBER who our hero’s are and what they endured. You may participate with us each […]