Fellowship Together ~ Palm Sunday – 4/14/2019

Fellowship Together

Pastor Gene Enns shares with us how to fellowship together as we follow Jesus Christ. Join us for our Palm Sunday sermon, and learn more about who we are. Check out this series, What Pleases God.

Mother’s Day Interview with Marsha Enns ~ How to Be a Godly Mom 5/12/2019

Are you wondering how to be a godly mom? For Mother’s Day, Pastor Eugene Enns interviewed his wife Marsha. Find out how she taught her children as they were growing up, and where to find guidance in this crazy world. Book by Dr. James Dobson: https://amzn.to/2W7nuIK Disclaimer: Links may be affiliate links. If you choose […]

Giving Thanks When it Hurts – Thanksgiving 2019 ~ 12/1/2019

Giving Thanks When it Hurts

Pastor Eugene Enns is sharing about giving thanks when it hurts during the Thanksgiving 2019 message. Join us as we learn about going through trials, and how we can still give thanks through these times. Original song: video on YouTube Song Lyrics from Hymn Lyrics

History of Berean Fellowship Church Council ~ 12/8/2019

History of Berean Fellowship Church Council

Frank VanCampen came to visit and shared about the history of our church! The history of Berean Fellowship Church Council was very interesting and fun to listen to! More information about the Berean Fellowship: http://www.weareberean.org

Christmas 2019 – God’s Plan Revealed at Christmas ~ 12/22/2019

God's Plan Revealed at Christmas

Join us as Pastor Eugene Enns shares about God’s plan revealed at Christmas! He also tells the Christmas Story through Christmas music and Bible readings. This is our Christmas 2019 service. Enjoy…..and Merry Christmas! Check out some of our other sermons for Special Events and Holidays. Image Credits: Nativity – Image by Gerd Altmann from […]