Christmas at York Berean Church ~ 12/26/2021

Christmas at York Berean Church

Welcome to the Christmas Celebration. We will be singing carols and read the Christmas story with church members. We wish you and your family the joy of Christmas as Jesus […]

Live to Advance the Gospel ~ 12/5/2021

Live to advance the gospel

The gospel changed Paul and through him God changed the world as he went out boldly to tell the world that Jesus Saves completely and forever! That’s what Christmas is […]

Giving Thanks from Our Hearts ~ 11/28/2021

Giving thanks from our hearts

Giving thanks from our hearts…. A variety of our people will be sharing their thoughts from Psalms 100. Please join us for this unique Thanksgiving service. I know the Lord […]

Testimonies of God’s Grace ~ 8/8/2021

Testimonies of God's Grace

This Sunday everything is ready for us to host 3 of the women who have gone through the discipleship ministry of Living Waters Ministry. They will be sharing their testimonies […]

Do Fathers Matter? ~ 6/6/2021

Do Fathers Matter?

Things are getting pretty scrambled in today’s world when it comes to family relationships. “If we were honest”, what would we say about the need to have good fathers who […]