Join Us for Our Live-Stream!

We are live-streaming our services, for anyone staying at home and needing a church service.  Or, maybe you just aren’t ready to come join us in person.  There are some who have been joining us from far away!  Whatever the reason, we welcome you to participate with us online.

You may join us right here at 10:55am as we begin our services online.  You may also join the live-stream on YouTube or our Facebook page.  If you would rather join the Zoom meeting, please visit our Zoom meeting page for details.  Contact us with any questions you have on our Contact Page

If you fill out this form let us know you’re joining us, you will receive an email with more information (including direct links to the live-stream).  We are excited to have you join us!

Live-stream church

How to Turn a Fool into a Wise Man! ~ 7/3/2022

How to turn a fool into a wise man! One book has the answer to that! The Bible and the book of Proverbs makes it very clear! Do we ever need this in our modern times. Bring your Bible, mark the verses, put the word of God in your heart, love it, and obey it.

Our live-stream will begin at about 10:55 – 11am.  (We begin after the music is completed, just before Pastor Eugene Enns begins his sermon.)  You may also check out our Zoom page for more information about joining us in our Zoom meeting.

Thank you for joining us! See you next Sunday.