Are you new here?

Many people have questions or concerns before they attend a new church for the first time.  We try to help you with those questions.  We want you to feel comfortable as you join us, so that there are no barriers between you and connecting with Jesus.  Listed below are some of the questions you may have.  Please feel free to contact us any time if you have any additional concerns or comments.

Pastor Connecting with Church Zoom

Questions people ask about meeting us in person:

If you are joining us in person or on Zoom, service starts at 10:45am on Sunday.  If you are participating with us on the live-stream, service begins about 11am.   You can find out more on our “Sunday Service” page.

York Berean Church is located at 725 North Nebraska Avenue in York, Nebraska inside the York Senior Center.  We are in the conference room near the south door.  You can find a map below, or on our “Sunday Service” page.

Come as you are!  You can dress up if you want to, but most of us show up wearing jeans and t-shirts (or even shorts in the summer).  Some people choose to wear nice pants and a button-up shirt or a skirt.  So really, it’s really entirely up to you how to dress.  We aren’t here to judge your clothes.  We are here to help you connect with Jesus!  So don’t worry about what your clothes look like.

Most of us start showing up around 10:15 in person.  We do chat with each other before service begins, and would love to meet you prior to service!  We understand if you can only make it a few minutes before service begins.

Questions about kids:

We do not have Childrens Church at this time, since we are a small church plant.  The kids love our pastor, as he makes it entertaining for them.  If you need a quiet room with your child (or for nursing moms), please ask!

YES!!!  We love when kids are present, and Pastor Eugene Enns tries to make things fun for them.  (The adults kinda like it too.)

Questions you may have about our pastor:

Our pastor’s name is Eugene Enns, and his wife’s name is Marsha.  Eugene is the Director of Grace Missions.  Eugene is a Bible-teaching pastor who shares directly from the Word of God.  See some of his past sermons.  Eugene and Marsha love meeting new people.

Since the pastor is also the Director of Grace Missions, he will be away at times.  We have other men in our church who preach on those Sundays.  Please feel free to join us!  If you need something through the week, you can always give us a call or leave a message online.  More information is on our “Contact YBC” page.

Sure!  We have our previous sermons located on our “Sermons” page.  You can also go through the different series of sermons.

We have music from different styles.  We mainly use the newer contemporary styled music.  We also have some of the classic, older style music as well.  We hope to have a nice blend that anyone will enjoy.

Pastor of York Berean
Pastor Eugene Enns and wife Marsha Enns

Questions about joining us with Zoom or participating online:

If you would like to join us with Zoom, you may check out our “Live Zoom” page.  All the information about joining is there, including the link for Zoom.  We start letting people in about 10:30.  So come early and meet some of our other “Zoomers”!  You can let us know you will be joining us, and ask any additional questions by clicking the “Join us on Sunday” link on this page.  We will send you the link directly.

We stream live on Facebook and YouTube, as well as our website.  Check out our “Live” page for more information, and the live-stream.  You can let us know you will be joining us, and ask any additional questions by contacting us.  We can also send you a link, so you can join us easily.

Other questions:

You may visit our “Contact YBC” page, and fill out the form, and we will be in contact with you.

No, we don’t make you do anything.  We would simply like to make your first visit easier by getting to know each other a little first.  If you would rather surpise us on your first visit, we would love to have you!

If your question wasn’t answered, you can either fill out the “Join us on Sunday” form, or send us a message on our “Contact YBC” page.  Ask us your question, and we will get back to you shortly.