Pastor Eugene Enns has done these one-minute radio spots on the 104.9 FM local radio station.  They are simple, short, and straight to the point for answering your questions on the topic of “Where will I spend eternity?”  You can go through the entire list below, and play through them all.  (There’s 20 of them, so it will only take you about 20 minutes.)  If you have ANY questions, please feel free to contact us through our Contact page on our website.

Radio and microphone
The basic human question is “Where will I spend Eternity?
So what’s the difference between believing there is a God and believing in Jesus for Salvation?
Jesus died only one time! Who cares?
Read the headlines, it makes sense and the rest of the article should agree!
How many times do I have to believe in Jesus to be saved?
What about faith AND works? Don’t you have to have both?
Heaven is a gift, but God rewards good works IN Heaven when you get there by faith alone.
What happens to those who believe in Him but do not do good works?
What has happened to me after I believe in Him?
Is following Jesus the same as believing in Jesus’ promise of salvation by faith alone?
Is it prideful to say, “I know where I am going when I die”!?
Check this out … read the Bible for yourself!
Peace in Jesus in this present world and its problems
Why are we doing these spots? It’s about you and Jesus, not our church.