Joy That Lasts for Eternity! ~ 12/27/2020

Joy That Lasts for Eternity

Will the circumstances of 2021 determine our Joy or is there something else we need to be looking at? Remember the shepherds were told about great joy that came because of a Savior. The Wise Men saw the promised star and rejoiced! Lets examine the scripture about the future, our future, and see how we […]

Christmas at York Berean Church 2020! ~ 12/20/2020

Christmas at York Berean Church!

We have been praying, working, and looking forward to our small church Christmas Celebration. Small church, Big IMPACT, because of Him. Christmas is coming and we want to praise God for coming and His UNSPEAKABLE GIFT! This will be our first try at doing this kind of live stream service (we will be live-streaming directly […]

Hope at Christmas ~ 12/13/2020

Hope at Christmas

As the world goes from crisis to crisis, is there any hope? Where do you turn to find hope? What is hope? Jesus was called the “Hope of Israel”, the long awaited Messiah. Let’s take a look at the sure promises of God and see what he offers us so we can have hope! Pastor […]

Christmas – Born to Die ~ 12/6/2020

Christmas - Born to Die

God sent Jesus as a little bundle of joy and newborn life. But that was only the beginning of God’s Plan. We will follow the plan of God for this baby here on Earth and the life to come. Then we will follow the Plan of God for us from birth to death and beyond! […]

The Power of Example – 1 Timothy 4:6-12 ~ 11/8/2020

The Power of Example

The power of example is huge! We watch training videos to see examples of how to do things. How are we supposed to act like a Christian, talk like a Christian, and think like a Christian? Paul teaches us the value of young people being EXAMPLES of how a Christian should live. Pastor Eugene Enns […]

Success in This World and the Next – 1 Timothy 4:6-8 ~ 10/18/2020

Success in This World and the Next

Eternal Life is a free Gift, not by any work you can do. But, Paul says to Timothy, get to work on growing in godliness because it will profit you here on Earth now and most of all will be profitable (rewarded) for all eternity. How do we do this? Pastor Eugene Enns shares about […]

Love Before You Lead – 1 Timothy 3 ~ 10/4/2020

Love Before You Lead

What happens if a shepherd does not love his sheep? It’s only a job. It all starts with his love for Jesus, the great Shepard of the sheep. Pastor Eugene Enns shares with us how to love before you lead from 1 Timothy 3. You may join us each week on our live-stream page, YouTube, […]