Special Speaker: Scott Mathis Berean Fellowship President ~ 5/2/2021

Special Speaker: Scott Mathis

We are excited to have a SPECIAL SPEAKER this week! Scott Mathis, Berean Fellowship President will be visiting us and speaking this Sunday. We are really hoping that you will join us and learn more about the Berean Fellowship while also being encouraged. See you there! You may participate with us each week on our […]

A Mother’s Advice in Proverbs ~ 5/9/2021

A Mother's Advice in Proverbs

What advice did the mother of a great leader and wise person give him? Can Moms survive the culture war and thrive in these challenging days? Our hope is to gain some blessing and challenge from the book of Proverbs for our day. See you there for a mother’s advice in Proverbs. You may participate […]

Standing for the Truth – 2 Timothy 3 ~ 5/16/2021

Standing for the Truth

What is your source for truth? Friends, family, media? We have a message from God, the author of Truth, right here, right now and you have this message in your house, and on your phone. That is your Bible! But in our modern times this Book is being thrown aside and forsaken because it is […]

Getting Ready to Go! (to Heaven) – 2 Timothy 4 ~ 5/23/2021

Getting Ready to Go... to Heaven

Paul’s last words are extremely helpful for us to prepare for whatever is ahead here on Earth and in Heaven. Heaven is always spoken of as a free Gift in the Bible. Rewards are always spoken of available to those who work and obey! Don’t be confused about your salvation. Be sure you are saved […]

Paul’s Last Words – 2 Timothy 4 ~ 5/30/2021

Paul's Last Words

After living such a hectic life filled with triumphs, tragedies, enemies, and friends, what was Paul’s attitude like? Was he bitter, angry, sad? It makes a great lesson for how we handle all that life gives us so we can be ready to go in peace. This is our final lesson in Timothy. How shall […]

Do Fathers Matter? ~ 6/6/2021

Do Fathers Matter?

Things are getting pretty scrambled in today’s world when it comes to family relationships. “If we were honest”, what would we say about the need to have good fathers who lived and raised their kids according to the Bible? What difference would it make in the world? Do fathers matter? You may participate with us […]

Are You Thirsty? ~ 6/20/2021

Are you thirsty?

Are you thirsty? Becoming thirsty is a natural part of the way our body works. Are you thirsty spiritually? Although people may not realize it, there is a natural thirst for a relationship with God! Only He can satisfy that eternal thirst! This Sunday we will discuss how you can have your thirst quenched through […]

The Do’s and Don’ts on Prayer ~ 6/27/2021

The Do's and Don'ts on Prayer

Jesus uses examples of people that were seen around the temple praying to illustrate how to pray and how not to pray. It’s pretty clear! There is one basic simple requirement to being in touch with God through prayer. You may participate with us each week on our live-stream page, YouTube, or Facebook. This is […]

What Can I Ask For? ~ 7/4/2021

What Can I Ask For?

Prayer is asking, seeking, and knocking on Gods door! What are the prayers that God says he WILL answer? Pastor Eugene Enns will share with us what Jesus said. We need this answer from the Bible. You may participate with us each week on our live-stream page, YouTube, or Facebook. This is from the Prayer […]