What Pleases God? – 2/17/2019

What Pleases God?

What Pleases God? Join the York Berean Church and listen to Pastor Eugene Enns, as he preaches about what pleases God. Sometimes the hardest concepts can be so simple. We are small and community minded. Check out the series, What Pleases God.

Evangelism Training Manual – 3/10/2019

Evangelism Training Manual

Learn who we are at York Berean Church, and what we believe. Pastor Gene Enns explains how to share the gospel message. Check out the first in this series. Check out the series, What Pleases God.

Discipleship Boot Camp – 3/24/2019

Discipleship Boot Camp

What does it take to build a church? What pleases God through this? Join us as Pastor Gene Enns talks about discipleship, and leads us through boot camp! Check out the first in this series. Check out the series, What Pleases God.

How to Pray: Communicate with the “Commander” 4/7/2019

How to Pray

Are you wondering what the gospel says about how to pray? This week, we learned from Pastor Gene Enns what Scripture shows us about this exact question. Check out the first in this series. Check out the series, What Pleases God. Disclaimer: Links may be affiliate links. If you choose to click on them, we […]

Fellowship Together ~ Palm Sunday – 4/14/2019

Fellowship Together

Pastor Gene Enns shares with us how to fellowship together as we follow Jesus Christ. Join us for our Palm Sunday sermon, and learn more about who we are. Check out this series, What Pleases God.

Is Salvation by Works or by Faith Alone? 6/2/2019

Join us at York Berean Church as Pastor Eugene Enns shares the difference between salvation by works and savlation by faith. We have 3 choices: works, faith, or works and faith. Decide which one is the Truth that Jesus taught us. Stay til the end for some impromptu sharing of stories. Check out part one […]

Personal Evangelism ~ How You Can Tell It 6/9/2019

Join Pastor Eugene Enns as he shares about personal evangelism, and how you can tell it. He talks about sharing our stories, and some ways we can learn to do it. Also, stay tuned til the end for a real story from one of our members who wanted to share his struggles with us! Check […]

Grace Mission in Haiti and Mexico ~ What We Do 6/30/2019

Listen as Pastor Eugene Enns, Director of Grace Missions, shares about Grace Mission in Haiti and Mexico. He shares what they do in these countries with the people they are serving, as well as what happens at the office in Henderson, Nebraska! There are some interesting stories he tells about the people of Haiti and […]